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Fatigue & Burn-Out Complete Care System

Fatigue & Burn-Out Complete Care System

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Fatigue & Burn-Out Complete Care System


This two part system includes...


An invigorating morning foot balm to start your day walking on sunshine and adding some zest and vitality to your day with Lemon and Black Spruce 🌞


Plus a soothing evening diffuser blend that balances emotions and helps your mind unwind and recover while you sleep with Bergamot and Frankincense🌛


Together this system has been formulated using specially selected blends of organic, pure and natural essential oils chosen for their therapeutic properties.


Clinical studies suggest essential oils such as Lemon and Black Spruce may invoke a sense of vitality, and Bergamot and Frankincense  may nurture a sense of calm.



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    Morning foot balm is blended in a base of natural bees wax and vegetable oils allowing the oils to be easily absorbed through the skin.

    Evening diffuser blend is undiluted 100% essential oil and is to be used in a diffuser only. Do not apply evening blend directly to skin.


    Returns and refunds are in accordance with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commision.


    Shipping will be organised through Australia Post for an additional fee.

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