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A Natural and Integrative Approach to Healing

Aromatherapy is not just about pretty smells and massage. While yes massage may be incorporated into your treatment plan for therapeutic healing or relaxation, Clinical Aromatherapy does not focus solely on massage.

Essential Oils are potent botanical concentrates which are organic in nature. This means your body readily absorbs Essential Oils through the skin and assimilates them into its tissues and cells, while synthetic and inorganic substances like mineral oils are not absorbed so readily through the skin.

The psychological and subtle effects of Essential Oils are well documented and widely promoted in mainstream media. But what is less known is when Essential Oils are used as a complementary or integrative therapy with the intent to help a patient manage living and coping with a specific condition, known as Clinical Aromatherapy, the physical and pharmacological effects can be astounding.

In response to today's fast paced lifestyles, we have a resurgence of self awareness to find that "work-life" balance, for example we are looking to natural remedies to help us destress and sleep. But commercialism still promotes a "fast food" culture and offers "quick fixes" that are mass produced which actually diminish the quality and expected results. Let's use sleep for example, when you walk into a shop you will see shelf after shelf of products promoting assistance with sleep. What the manufacturing companies do is make one blend and slap a label on it and spend their budget marketing that sleep aid product with the warning "results may vary". Consumers purchase that product, only to find it doesn't work for them and it will sit in the bathroom medicine cabinet never to be touched again. The key there is the label's warning, "results may vary". This is because that product is developed for the 60% majority of consumers. For the other 40% that product doesn't work for is because their symptoms may present the same as everyone else's, but the actual root cause of the symptoms is different to that 60% majority. So the 40% need something different from the majority to support their sleep. 

This is why it is important to work closely with your Aromatherapist, and utilise the follow up appointments to provide feedback and review the essential oils you are using, just like you would when you visit any specialist or doctor. Personalising your Aromatherapy experience will ensure you receive the specialised care that can provide an opportunity to achieve the best results that are unique to you. Think about it like this, when you are sick you go to the doctor for antibiotics, you don't ask your friend if they have any left over. This is how it is with Aromatherapy, the blends your Aromatherapist make are unique for your individual situation or concern, those same remedies and treatments unfortunately may not produce the same results for your friend the way they do for you. 

Hospitals in America, Australia, France, Japan, Switzerland and the United Kingdom already integrate Aromatherapy into the care of their patients because of Essential Oils' analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, disinfectant and sedative properties. Published literature in medical journals, published laboratory research and results of clinical testing and trials suggest Essential Oils may be effective for 

  • stimulating and strengthening the immune system

  • speeding up recover time after surgery or injury

  • stress, depression, anxiety

  • sleeping problems

  • easing arthritis pain

  • muscle aches and pain

  • respiratory complaints

  • skin complaints

  • urinary complaints

  • balancing hormones

  • help break habits and behavioural patterns

  • stimulating appetite and support digestion

  • regulate metabolism

A holistic approach to health responsibly incorporates complementary therapies and orthodox medicine. As an integrative therapy, Aromatherapy can work hand in hand with traditional medicine when treatments are supervised under the guidance of a qualified Aromatherapist and in consult with your medical practitioner.

Book your Aromatherapy appointment to discover how essential oils could support and improve your health and wellness.

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