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Smell is the most extraordinary sense that we, and all animals, have. And when we know how our sense of smell works, we can use it to our benefit.

Think about this... what's your most favourite smell in the world, maybe a rose, maybe fresh turned earth in the garden, maybe the clean atmosphere after a rainstorm, maybe freshly baking bread... now think about how it makes you feel when you smell it? For me it's puppy breath 🐶 it reminds me of every single puppy we have raised, playful balls of fluff that bring an abundance of love and joy to our lives... it makes me feel happy 🥰

Now imagine the power you have if you can harness your sense of smell. What might you be able to achieve with Aromatherapy? As botanical concentrates, essential oils are packed full of aromatic chemical compounds that have known and reproducible therapeutic effects on the mind and body.

You could make a blend of oils to produce an effect of anything you want, and this is why... scent activates the limbic system which recalls memories that send messages through nerve pathways to the endocrine system. These nerve signals stimulate endocrine glands, such as the adrenals, pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus, to release hormones into the blood that affect biological responses to the neurological signals that are firing from the brain to cause a physiological response in your body.

So that's a really simplistic explanation of how Aromatherapy works and why it is known to be effective for many people to achieve a state of calm and relaxation.

By using your extraordinary sense of smell, what are the possibilities you can imagine that could benefit you? 🍃🌹💚

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